Reniac accelerates traffic and data


Reduce latency by up to 29x


13x data acceleration with no software changes


Significantly reduced TCO

Distributed Data Engine

Reniac’s distributed data engine is designed to address key inefficiencies when executing data applications, providing significantly higher performance at lower TCO on scale-out architecture, but without requiring software changes while supporting operational features (e.g., business continuity, and performance monitoring).

The engine does this by enabling a decoupling of the data and application layers, simultaneously acting as an I/O accelerator to resolve any bottlenecks. Large volumes of transactions are processed by the engine’s unique proprietary architecture that attaches storage class memory directly to a low latency network stack.

Reniac uses the latest FPGA technology from Intel and Xilinx.

Higher Performance

Up to 13x increase in performance using COTS servers and FPGA cards

Ease of Deployment

Very easy to install and use with no software changes required

Lower Latency

Predictable low latency at up to 29x lower at the 99th percentile

Enterprise Features

Clustering functionality provides high availability and built-in redundancy

Leading Edge Technology

We use cutting edge CPUs, FPGAs and SSDs

Lower Operation Costs

Significantly lower TCO — reduce the number of servers by up to 50%

Reniac’s distributed data engine can be deployed as




Increase business logic

Reniac’s analysis has shown that up to 75% of CPU cycles is spent on input/output operations, resulting in bottlenecks, leaving only 25% for business logic. These bottlenecks inhibit scaling and meeting service level agreements in some instances. In some cases customers have to pay more to meet their desired performance goals or compromise on performance.

Reniac technology can flip the script and provide up to 75% of CPU cycles for business logic while reducing I/O operations to 25%.

Speeding Up Big Data Workloads

Reniac Solution on AWS F1

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“Reniac's innovative technology can dramatically change the CPU usage of many common features, enabling unprecedented scale in a modern data driven world.”

Jean-Luc Vaillantformer CTO / Co-founder, LinkedIn

“We needed a provider to help us quickly scale and handle billions of transactions. Reniac's groundbreaking approach not only enables us to achieve more scale while leveraging existing servers but also gives deeper operational visibility at each node.”

VPTechnical and Data Operations, leading digital advertising company

“Reniac has taken a unique approach to accelerating data workloads for server infrastructure and database clusters. Reniac's software can provide a throughput increase of up to 10x vs. alternative implementations. In addition, the company’s solution requires no code changes, allowing a seamless transition for customers to easily take advantage of Intel FPGA and advanced memory technologies.”

John SakamotoVice President Programmable Solutions Group and General Manager Data Center and Communications Division, Intel

“As FPGAs continue to enter mainstream, Cassandra users look forward to increased performance for demanding workloads and look to solutions to upgrade their existing systems. Reniac provides promising innovations for the community.”

Matt PfeilCo-founder, Datastax